ngoupdate (ngoupdate) wrote,

So, had a "time-check" experience at work a few days back. I was regaling a couple of co-workers (nice, younger people, pretty darn smart) and I made a reference, something like "you know, like the hat Humphrey Bogart wore in Casablanca".

Puzzled expressions. The younger of the two said "I don't know who that is"...The other added. "That was a movie, right?"

Okay now. I wake up every morning pretty happy to be waking up every morning. I have wrinkles because I've smiled for a lot of years, and my face is often in "full expression" mode. All those years of stretching and smiling, and I'm looking older. Hair, check. Beard/Moustache? Grey and black. Middle age gut? Uh huh.

But even I didn't realize the cultural gap with 25 year-olds. Whoa...

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