ngoupdate (ngoupdate) wrote,

I'd like to thank my agent...

Within the last two months, I've received two awards that leave me befuddled.

First, I am the slightly puzzled recipient of something called a "Spotlight" award. It seems that, within all the Ontario provincial ministries, there is an awards committee that looks at communications projects and rates them. Then, this same committee votes, and presents said awards at a snazzy little shindig walking distance from the offices of most of the folks nominated. Finger foods, cash bar and an hour of un-airconditioned glad-handing, then a quick ditch of the chicken-on-a-stick and we're in to witness the wonders of our labours.

A not unfunny few lines of dialogue, and then video snippets of samples of the work: posters, videos, print campaigns, social media stuff. Some pretty impressive work. Some of it mine. And so, I win an award for my work on the mumps campaign, a particularly cheeky video we produced last year. Ended up with about 80,000 views on youtube, and made a Huffington Post list of the top 9 weirdest public service announcements

Which is cool. Except that I won at least one other, and maybe two. And I'm not sure why. The other awards were to big teams, and I may or may not have had something to do with their work. I'm pretty sure I was on one of those teams. The other didn't ring any bells, but the general topic was something I worked on.

I now have a slab of glass with "Spotlights, 2010" etched on it. It's basically a flat paperweight. It doesn't stand up, it's too thick for a coaster, and can't be hung on a wall...

The other award is just odd. It's a certificate of appreciation for taking part in a clinical trial which was stopped early. I was in the control group, and the trial stopped because the vitamin/drug being tested was clearly making no difference in the vascular health of transplant patients. Translation: They would have been happier had I had a heart attack, as then it might have shown a statistical difference in therapies. Instead, I get a "congratulations, your ongoing good health killed the survey" certificate. Odd.

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